Download OFX Version 2.2 (open for public comment):

OFX 2.2 Specification

OFX 2.2 Schema files (zipped)

OFX Implementation Guide for 2.2 and OAuth

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Download OFX Version 2.1.1 (equivalent to OFX 2.1 with MFA):

Zipped PDF w/ Schema

Download OFX Version 1.0.3 (equivalent to OFX 1.0.2 with MFA):

Zipped Spec files w/ DTD

Download OFX Version 2.0.3 (equivalent to OFX 2.0.2 with MFA):

Zipped PDF w/ Schema

OFX 2.0.3 is the same as OFX 2.1.1 but without loans and amortization, images, investment closing and Automatic 1-Way download. (It is therefore a smaller spec and more easily perused if the newer features aren’t needed.) Unlike OFX 1.0.3, 401K and Tax are included in OFX 2.0.3. OFX 2.x specifications are also XML (versus SGML) based.

Download Tax Specification/Schema for Tax Year 2016

Zipped PDF with Schema OFX Tax

Several changes for Tax Year 2016 are found in the 1098 and 1099 Addendum pdf files and also in the associated schema files.

Note: The Tax schema is OFX 2.0.2; users should check with their Tax Software Company and change their schema accordingly if a newer version is required.

Download OFX Version 1.6 (last of the SGML specs):

Zipped PDF w/ DTD OFX

Download OFX Version 1.0.2:

Spec w/ DTD OFX

Download OFX Aggregation Specification 1.0:

OFX Aggregation Specification

Download the 2016 W-2 Pilot (W-2 Verification Code Participants Only):

Zipped PDF w/ Schema (Note: there is no change for Tax Year 2016 so this is the same as last year’s zip)

In Tax Year 2016, IRS will test the capability of a W-2 Verification Code to verify the authenticity of Form W-2 data included with the return. The code will appear on approximately one million W-2s form. The taxpayer will include the code when e-filing his or her individual income tax return, and the W-2-import record layout and the 1040 MeF schema have been updated to support this. Incorrect or missing verification codes will not delay the processing of a tax return.

Download the Zipped Schema OFXTax2016-Schedule-K1-Addon

Zipped Schema (Note: this is an experimental set of add-on schema files for Schedule K-1 support)

These add-on schema files are compatible with and are intended to augment the existing Tax Year 2016 schema files. To use these schema files, first download the " Zipped PDF with Schema OFX Tax" schema files and then extract these schema files, overwriting any duplicates. These add-on schema files represent an experimental set of schema files and no additional specification (PDF) information is currently being provided for implementations.